minimally invasive


Water-jet assisted lipoplasty (WAL) is the new wave in gentle and effective fat removal.  

Unlike traditional tumescent or energy-assisted liposuction, WAL harnesses the gentle power of water to remove unwanted fat, while sculpting and shaping the body.  During the WAL procedure, a fan-shaped laminar jet of water simultaneously dislodges and removes unwanted fat from the body, while sparing surrounding nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue.  WAL is a gentle and painless lipoplasty method, resulting in significantly less swelling, bruising and postoperative discomfort when compared to traditional methods.


Even more important, WAL does not require tumescent infiltration, reducing the risk of systemic side effects, while allowing precise real-time contouring throughout the procedure. 


The WAL procedure is safe, effective and easy, offering outstanding results with minimal risk, significantly shorter procedure times, and shorter recovery time for the patients.

The WAL Procedure can be summarized in the following three steps:

Step I: Infiltration of analgesics and adrenaline
70% less TLA infiltration volume, as well as shorter exposure time vs. conventional methods.
Very short waiting time of only a few minutes


STEP II: Simultaneous irrigation and aspiration
Fat released by water, not fragmented or liquefied by physical force


STEP III: Fine contouring with minimal to no infiltration


Homogenous structure, less trauma, only minor residuals



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