minimally invasive


The innovative harvest-jet® device is a gentle way for fat collection for patients who want to undergo autologous fat grafting. 

Specifically calibrated for the safe and effective removal of small to medium amounts of fat, the harvest-jet® uses the gentle power of water to dislodge, wash and harvest high-quality fat, which can be collected in a separate Filler Collector™. 


This jet-assisted fat transfer (J-AFT) procedure is effortless for the physician, with settings fine-tuned to safely and carefully remove fat with ease, while protecting both patients and fat cells from harm. Simple, safe and effective, J-AFT is the effortless way to remove and harvest high-quality fat.

Gentler harvesting means higher quality fat*

Traditional or energy-assisted lipoplasty, by its very nature, disrupts and destroys fat in order to remove it from the body.  J-AFT, on the other hand, needs much less force, using simultaneous irrigation and low suction power to gently dislodge and remove fat. 


Additionally, J-AFT doesn’t require classic pre-infiltration, shortening procedure times and sparing fat cells from excess exposure to infiltration fluid.

J-AFT is the New Wave in Fat Removal and fat transplant

J-AFT is quick and easy.  The harvest-jet® gently dislodges, washes and harvests high-quality fat into the Filler Collector™.  There’s no centrifuging or additional processing needed before fat transfer, and the entire procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes.

harvest-jet® Advantages

  • Gentle fat removal protects fat cells therefore high-quality micro-droplet of fat can be harvested.
  • Simplified collection process.
  • No centrifuging or washing which means saving time and money, while protecting fat cells
  • Minimizes exposure to oxygen, contaminants and excess handling of fat which leads to higher cell survival.
  • Fat is ready for immediate transfer
  • Opens up new opportunities to offer patients natural filler solutions with a excellent, longer lasting   predictable results.


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