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Mesomega to practice safe mesotherapy- CE Medical Approved

Your Doctor has selected to perform your mesotheray using Mesomega gun because he has the flexibility to use different modalities, control the dosage of product he is using and control the depth of injections according to the condition he is treating you for. 


Major functions of Mesomega

The control panel, will assist your doctor to select and operate the various functions of injections, selection of syringes, but also to verify that the mesogun is on or off, and what is the battery level at all time.


4 functions

  • Continuous
  • Dosimetric
  • Nappage
  • Mesoperfusion

MESOMEGA for all Meso

Using the key board allows your Doctor to navigate in the FOUR PROGRAMMES of Mesomega

  • Continuous where he can inject at his convenient speed while controlling the pain control system to keep you confortable during the treatment  comfort (3ml/mn to 8.4ml/mn)
  • Dosimetric able to determine at microliter path the ideal dose, strongly recommended for Mesobotox or Hyaluronic acid injection in delicate area.
  • Napping with perfect product delivery at each drop
  • Mesoperfusion specially design for pain, Sport and Mass effect mesotherapy.

Mesomega Flexible


The control panel is there to help your Doctor to select the mode of mesotherapy treatment is best suited for you

  •  Easy international syringe fixing of current sizes
  • No leakage with unique antidrop mechanic
  • No syringe jumping with “luerlock integrated” carrier
  • Deep injection available up to 10mm deep totally painless with movement pressure control
  • Total control of product delivery.

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