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maestro VBLOC Therapy


Carrying extra weight can sap your energy and lower your self -esteem. You are more than a number on a scale and all that extra weight may be holding you back and harming your health.

 Over weight and obesity are risk factors for a number of diseases, including Type 2 diabetes (diabetes mellitus), high cholesterol, hyper tension, osteoarthritis, obesity-related heart failure and possibly some forms of cancer (breast, colorectal, endometrial and kidney).

Chances are, you’ve tried to lose weight. You may have even considered gastric bypass or laparoscopic banding, but decided they weren’t right for you. That doesn’t mean you’re ready to give up.

Maestro System, an implantable device intended to address the underlying causes of obesity through the nerve that controls much of the activity of the digestive system is your answer. This new weight loss therapy, called VBLOC, is an alternate bariatric surgical procedure for individuals who have had little or no success losing weight and keeping it off. Unlike other types of bariatric surgery that alter the stomach’s anatomy, VBLOC Therapy is delivered by an implantable device. Through implanted electrodes, the device delivers high-frequency, low-energy electrical impulses to block signals conveyed through the vagal nerves. The vagal nerve function appears to play a significant role in enabling multiple mechanisms including:

  • Expansion of the stomach as food enters
  • Stomach contractions that break food into smaller particles.
  • Release of gastric acid to continue food processing.
  • Emptying of the stomach contents into the small intestine.
  • Secretion of digestive pancreatic enzymes that enable absorption of calories.
  • Sensations of hunger, satisfaction or fullness.

Studies have shown that by blocking the vagal nerve signals, VBLOC Therapy helps patients control hunger sensations and results in early fullness at meals compared to before they received the device. In this way, VBLOC Therapy may aid in weight loss.

VBLOC Therapy has both external and implanted components. This device may be turned off and is designed to be reversible, programmable, and adjustable non-invasively.

Since the nervous system is adept to accommodating the complete loss of the information provided by nerves, such as the vagal nerves, VBLOC Therapy has been designed to provide intermittent blocking. This intermittent blocking effect is intended to prevent accommodation.


The most important and positive points about VBLOC therapy is that it addresses the lifelong challenge of obesity without compromising safety, nutrition, lifestyle, or undergoing irreversible anatomical disfigurement. It does not require a pre- or post- implant diet, and patients are able to eat normal, healthy meals without food restrictions. VBLOC Therapy minimizes side-effect and follow-up burden especially that there are no surgical alteration of the anatomy of the stomach or intestines. Furthermore, the Maestro System can be deactivated, reactivated or completely removed if desired. Patients maintain control of their lifestyle, while being supported in their effort to lose weight safely. With VBLOC Therapy, many social environments that are otherwise inaccessible are comfortable and available to the individual, making it easier to accept and commit to long-term treatment.

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